Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Beer

Here at Steller Brewing Company, we've been making some pretty dark beers... our first a European Brown, then a Porter... so given it's summer time and all, we decided it was time for something a little lighter.

We just bottled our first Golden Ale.

So far it seems like it's going to be a nice, light summer ale, maybe a bit more hoppy than what we've done so far.

Can't wait to start drinking it.

Fig Wine

Inspired by a recipe in Craft Magazine, Steller Brewing has decided to take its first venture into Wine making... with our first attempt being a:

Fig wine!

It has been a blast to make so far... not all that different from beer brewing, although it takes WAY longer... so if you're impatient, stick with brewing beer.

Also, I'm getting very mixed reactions from people when I tell them about the fig wine... a few think it sounds amazingly delicious, but most think, "hmmm, that sounds weird, and not tasty". Meh! I say to them. Meh!

I just tried that little glass you see pictured, and it's gotten quite tasty aging over the past couple months. A while longer in the bottles and it's going to be mad delicious. Or maybe gross. We'll see =D

Back in Action

While this blog doesn't seem to show it, we've been slowly but surely keeping the brewing going.

Last Fall we brewed our second batch, a deliciously dark Porter, and all that's left of it is the recipe... and these kind words from Kit

Kit said...

my boyfriend won a bottle of your steller porter at a gift exchange at the rose house and gave it to me (he does not drink) and it was AMAZING! where can i get more??? thank you!

January 4, 2009 7:45 PM

Thanks Kit!