Monday, January 4, 2010

First beer of 2010?

So, not sure this blog has too many readers... yet =P

But the few of you reading, anyone have suggestions for what beer we should brew for our first of 2010?

So far we've done:
  • European Brown
  • Porter
  • Golden Ale
  • German Hefeweizen
  • and a Fig Wine
What should be next?


Katy said...

I think you should try some sour (Sauer?) beer. Like the beer at Jolly Pumpkin, it is delicious. We will gladly take you to sample, when you come to Ann Arbor later this month :) See you guys soon!

ruds said...

IPAs are always a good choice. Hops are so tasty!

Shanny said...

you could try a fruity beer (blueberry has been my favorite) or a stout. chocolate stout is fun and delicious. or you could make GREEN beer in anticipation of St. P's day!

Aaron said...

we just did a cherry wheat that turned out awesome. Wheat beer is super easy too.