Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First beer of 2011!

Ha. So my last post was about deciding what should be the first beer of 2010. Sadly this next post is the same question, only a year later.

Let's see... last year we brewed an IPA and an Amber.

Both were fantastically delicious. But only 2 batches in a year?!? It was a slow year due to my being in China for 3 months taking a detailed study of Tsing Tao, a beer I whole-heartedly recommend when you can buy it for 23¢ USD – but not soo much if you pay any more than that.

So this year... what will it be? We've moved since our last batch, so we're curious if the difference in water will change our beer a bit... probably not, since the water's from the same source, just different pipes I suppose...

More beer stories to come soon!

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Rich said...

looks like we both need to blog more :)